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company news about The Overall Market Size Of Nootropics

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Company News
The Overall Market Size Of Nootropics
Latest company news about The Overall Market Size Of Nootropics
The Overall Market Size Of Nootropics

The overall market size of this class of drugs is about 1.22 billion yuan. In 2002, the sales amount only increased by 5.0%, but the sales volume increased by 11.2%. Several major varieties, such as piracetam, cobaltium amide and ginkgo biloba, all suffered from tenders in 2002 and their unit prices fell sharply. In this class of drugs, ginkgo biloba preparations occupy the largest market share, with a market share of more than 1/3, and gangliosides and cobaltium amides together also occupy nearly 1/3 of the market share. Piracetam and other "racetam" drugs Drugs account for nearly 10% of the market, and the rest of the drugs each account for less than 5%. At present, there are more than 20 manufacturers of ginkgo biloba leaves and more than 70 manufacturers of piracetam, all of which have entered the stage of price competition, and their profits have been diluted again and again.


Among the first-line varieties, except for ginkgo biloba preparations, which have maintained strong vitality, the growth of other varieties is weak. In particular, the traditional variety Piracetam has been "heavyly damaged" by bidding procurement, and has no power to recover. It is affected by Ani The sales of racetam also declined, and the sharp decline of "racetam" drugs is the main factor causing the decline in the growth rate of this type of drug market. However, by observing several new varieties of second-line drugs, it can be found that the potential of new varieties in this class of drugs is huge. As more new dementia treatment drugs will gradually enter the market, the market potential will be further expanded, and the market will also face increasingly strong competitive pressures.

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